Bokashi bin and compost accelerator spray

$70.00 inc. GST

Composting Tutorial


Urban Composter™

This composter looks great on the counter top of any kitchen.  The tight fitting lid minimises smells and flies.  Compost Accelerator needs to be used to speed up the composting process.

We recommend our Urban Composter™ Compost Accelerator Spray for great results.

How to use the urban compost bin?

Composting Tutorial

Compost Accelerator Spray

The spray is a  dynamic fermented fruit extract and it is made in Australia.  It contains Effective Microbes that work to ferment and then break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter™ Bucket.  100% organic microbe solution.

Easy and clean to use.  500ml spray bottle, 25.5cm tall, 6cm in diameter. Holds 15 Litres.